V Chuck vom Dorneburger Bach kkl1, SchH3, IPO3, VPG3, FH

DOB: October 21, 2005  SV: a-normal hips  SV Number: SZ2174452

Chuck is the son of V Falk von den Wölfen and V Biene von Ungalant. I have owned Chuck since he was 10 months. Chuck was imported from SV Judge Walter Hoffmann. Chuck is a very powerful German Shepherd Dog with strong character and nerves. Chuck is very social and has the correct temperament. Chuck has tremendous drives and has the ability to make V in all phases. Chuck is a very trainable dog and loves to work. Chuck’s protection is very strong and grips are full and hard. He has a power in protection that I have not seen from many dogs and it is something very special.

2007 SchH1 O.G. Buckeye A96-B94-C96=V286 High in Trial
2008 SchH2 Greater Cincinnati Sch Club A93-B94-C99=V286 High in Trial
2008 SchH3 2008 Hot Championship Akron, OH A96-B91-C88=SG275 5th Place
2008 Mideast Regional Championship Greater Cincinnati Sch Club A100-B94-C96=V290 2nd Place
2008 USA National Champion Triple Crown Austin, TX A99-B90-C98=V286 1st Place
2009 Working Dog Championship Nashville, TN A92-B97-C86=SG275 7th overall, 5th HOT
2009 WUSV Krefeld, Germany A98-B92-C91=SG281 11th Place
2009 USA Nationals Davenport, IA A96-B97-C90=SG283 4th Place
2010 Working Dog Championship Columbus, OH A98-B93-C96=V287 2nd Place overall, HOT Champion
2010 WUSV Sevilla, Spain A95-B89-C93=SG277 17th Place
2011 FCI Championship Rheine, Germany
2011 WUSV Kiev, Ukraine

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SG93 Chuck’s protection at the 2010 WUSV in Sevilla, Spain

V97 Chuck’s obedience at the 2009 WDC Nashville, TN

Chuck’s Long Bite at 2009 WUSV Krefeld, Germany